Stock Photo Price Calculator

There’s big pressure on stock photography prices these days but that doesn’t mean you have to accept anything less than a fair and reasonable payment for your photography. The Stock Photography Price Calculator will tell you what other working photographers consider a fair price for over 45,000 Rights-Managed Uses of your stock images.

It’s quick and easy-to-use so you can get the information you need to price your photography accurately with just a couple of clicks. This gives you the confidence to negotiate your photo sales efficiently and professionally, no matter what the photo-buyer asks for…

The Stock Photo Price Calculator makes real-time updates based on the feedback from 5000+ photographer members, so you always know the price you get is accurate indication of current market prices.

This is a paid service, but the ‘lifetime’ membership option is great value and makes a lot of sense if you’re selling your photography online with any regularity.

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