Photoshop For Photographers

It’s a fact of life these days, if you want to sell your photography online, you need to get good at Photoshop. You need great web previews if you expect to make sales, and buyers expect you to deliver fully prepped high res images.

This comprehensive set of video tutorials is designs specifically to help you with both those tasks. It includes 20 separate tutorials,  recorded specifically for photographers by an award-winning portrait photographer.

These over-the-shoulder Photoshop Video Tutorials will walk you through the key tools photographers need, then all the basic fixes and adjustments, before revealing the more advanced techniques he uses to produce his amazing images.

It was recorded using CS5 so it’s a little bit out of date, but the videos do focus on the processes rather than the specific commands, so they still work well for other versions of Photoshop as well.

So in summary, if you need help with Photoshop, this is a great package, very comprehensive and convenient… you can download the whole package to watch offline, or login any time to view one or more in the private Members area.


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