Five Essential Photography Skills

[h1a]Are You Ready To Step Your Photography Up To A Whole New Level?[/h1a]

“REVEALED: Five Essentials Skills to Start Shooting Like a Pro The Very Next Time
You Pick Up Your Camera!”

… all without loads of boring theory or years of tedious training!

With today’s camera technology it’s pretty easy for a total newbie to snare a couple of amazing photos here and there, and slip into the trap of thinking a little practice is all you need to be a great photographer.

After all, that’s what the camera manufacturers want you to think!

They want you to point-and-shoot and leave everything up to the camera. Press that button enough times and you’re sure to get some great shots… If your photos aren’t good enough, you must need to buy the next latest-greatest camera…

Does that sound familiar?

The fact is, if you want to capture amazing images all the time, and not rely on luck, or an expensive camera, you just need to understand a few basic photography essentials. The good news for you is, it’s not that hard and it doesn’t have to take forever.

In fact, once you understand the five fundamentals in this training package, your photography will step up to a whole new level overnight… guaranteed!

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  • Understanding Light For Consistent Professional Results . This is where it all starts. Photography literally means writing with light, so you need to understand the 8 qualities of light and how to create images in each situation.  It’s not at all difficult, but until you learn how to apply the right camera techniques to the different lighting conditions, your photos will always be hit-and-miss.
  • Composition Fundamentals That Can Make It or Break It. Ever wonder why some shots just ‘work’ and others fall flat. Most of the time the only difference is a few simple rules of composition. You can try and work these out on your own by trial-and-error… or you can learn them quickly and easily here, and start applying them the next time you pick up your camera.
  • Anticipating The Decisive Moment. Again, you can keep pressing that button faster and faster, or you can take a little time to understand the concept of the Decisive Moment so you can take control and create deliberate, purposeful images with a depth of meaning the point-and-shoot amateur rarely understands.
  • The Best Way To Photograph People. This is where a lot of amateurs and pros alike get into serious trouble, because they never really understand the 5 basic elements of a successful people-photos. This section shows you a few simple tricks to get it right… and with that knowledge comes confidence, that leads to even stronger photos.
  • Always Find The Best Point of View. I’d wager 99% of photos on the internet are shot from eye height, from wherever the photographer happened to be standing when they spotted the photo-op. Well here’s a few simple tips for finding the perfect vantage point for stronger, more interesting images. Again it’s nothing too difficult, just solid principles you can put to use immediately.


If you’re not getting the kinds of amazing photographs that your friends admire and beg for copies of, then chances are you’re lacking in one or more of these five essential photographic skills.

And as you’ve seen above, it doesn’t require years of learning. In fact, we’ve put it all into one short no-fluff ebook and one easy video tutorial.

Most people will read the ebook and watch the tutorial in an hours or so!

Have you got two hours to become a better photographer?

After that you can start applying this new found knowledge the very next time you take your camera out, and start seeing an amazing improvement in your photography virtually overnight.

Here’s what you’ll get when you order this Advanced  Photography Fast-Track package

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Five Essential Camera Skills

5Skills200Just the absolute essentials packed into a concise 65-page report. No fluff, no unnecessary theory, just the fundamentals with loads of sample photos so you can see these skills in action and put them into practice ASAP.

  • Identifying Light for Perfect Exposures
  • Composition Rule for Powerful Images
  • Anticipating The Decisive Moment
  • Photographing People Properly
  • Finding The Optimum Point of View.


The 5 Essentials Video Presentation


We then run through the material again in a detailed video presentation, so you can view the examples, here the explanations and really understand how to apply this new knowledge to create better images.

This is simply the best way to absorb this kind of information… one part reading, one part watching, one part listening… as quickly as possible so you can then get out and put it into practice!


Bonus 1. Photo Judging Worksheet


Perhaps the most important photography skill of all is learning to ‘Self Edit’ … knowing when a photo doesn’t work so you can edit out the weak images and near misses.

Here’s a 95-point checklist for assessing your images. This can be invaluable in trying to work out why your photo doesn’t match up to another of the same subject. A great learning tool!


Bonus 2. Buying A Digital Camera Guide


Now the essence of this package is that a little theory will do more for your photography than a brand new camera, but when the time comes to make the investment, make sure you have  this handy guide to the must-have features you do want and all manufacturers double-speak you can ignore!

No matter what your previous experience, or what camera equipment you currently own, make sure you grab your copy of this valuable report and file it away for when you’re ready to upgrade!



Can you see now how this simple but essential knowledge is
going to take your photography to a whole new level?

Can you find 2 short hours to master these essential skills & finally
capture the amazing images that your camera dealer promised you?

Well it’s about to get even better…

Given all the value I have already described you’ll be forgiven for expecting a price tag in the range of a hundred-bucks, but that doesn’t work for me. You see, I want as many people as possible to get great results with Five Essential Skills advanced photography package.


Well there’s two reasons …

Firstly, it’s because I’m passionate about photography, and I hate it when I see people being sold expensive camera equipment with the promise it will do-it-all-for-you. That’s just not photography.

Secondly… I run a couple of  stock library websites, and every month I see a lot of photographers coming through who are super-keen to sell their photography, but lack these fundamental skills to create the high quality images that will actually sell.

So I’m offering this package as one option for those people to get up to speed on the basics ASAP, and hopefully they’ll come back better photographers, ready to sell their work with us!

So this is what I’ve got for you… This is NOT going to cost you anything like $97 (which is what most folk think it is worth), or even $67 which would be a complete steal, and I’m not even going to charge you the $37 we’ll be asking once we set it up on Clickbank.

If you act RIGHT NOW you can get it for just…

$97 $67 $37

I know – it’s a no brainer! BUT … this is a brand-new package for us and you might have noticed… we haven’t got many Customer Testimonials just yet. So we’re offering this fantastic discounted price just for the launch.

In return, we’re asking that you consider sending us some feedback when you’ve completed the tutorial.

We’re sending this to our full photographer-list this weekend and they know we don’t kid around with this… they know the price will go up once we’ve got a few good testimonials from some happy customers! … which means this offer is only for a LIMITED TIME. Once the launch is over, this crazy deal will disappear forever.

So please forgive me if you come back in a day or two and discover it’s jumped by 50% or more… you have been warned!

And yes, even though it’s such a steal, you are still guaranteed…

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[guarantee_box_1 title=”My 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]

I know from the hundreds of photographers who pass through our stock libraries, this kind of information is pure gold. It’s not over-technical, but it’s fundamental if you want ot shoot better photos. So I know you will get exceptional value from this package. All you need to do is consume it and take action. (Yes, you will have to apply what you learn!)

Your well placed investment of money, time and effort will pay a dividend. And I am so confident that YOUR photography will improve the minute you start applying these essential skills to your photographic process, no matter what level you’re at now, what kind of camera you use or what training you’ve had before. In fact, I stake my reputation and wallet on it!

If at anytime during the next 60 days you feel that the information hasn’t improved the quality of your photography then I INSIST you receive a 100% refund. No quibble. No questions. No nonsense.


So there you have it! – When you click the “Add to Cart” button you will instantly have access to the essential skill set that separates the master photographer from the happy-snapper! You’ll have the fundamental knowledge to create stronger, more interesting images that truly ‘work’… that friends and family admire… that photo buyers will pay for.

It really is that simple, you just need to click the big orange button!

And that’s because it’s time to…

Stop Fighting To Master Photography with Expensive Equipment &
Years Of Trial And Error… Because That Plain Doesn’t Work.

Invest Just 2 Hours Of Your Time To Master These 5 Essentials Instead!

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  • Five Essential Skills For Shooting Like A Pro in PDF format, packed full of practical examples and sample images so you can see how these factors make your photography stronger.
  • 48 Minute Video Tutorial covering each essential skill in detail to reinforce what you read and make them a permanent part of your photographic thought process.
  • Bonus #1. Self Edit & Photo Judging Checklist to help you quickly identify the areas you need to work on first for the
  • Bonus #2. No-Nonsense Digital Camera Buyers’ Guide to what features you need and what’s just camera manufacturer’s sales-speak.


And… I understand that I pay just a single payment to get immediate download access to the 5 Essential Skills Package – and that’s it, simple, quick and easy! Thanks to your iron-clad no questions, no hassle 30-day guarantee I also understand there is ZERO risk and I can get a full 100% refund …without question!

So let me in already! I want to be a better photographer now!


I know this has to be a no-brainer for anyone wanting to improve their photography… whether it’s for your own personal satisfaction, or sharing with your friends and family, or perhaps you hope to sell your work one day. Whatever the reason, this package is designed to get you there faster and easier than any other I’ve come across.

Grab your copy while you can!



Matt Brading
Founder of OzImages International and the GlobalEye Group of Stock Photography Websites

PS – Just one final comment! While photography can appear point-and-shoot simple with modern camera technology, it’s a fact that a little theory goes a long way towards setting you apart from the crowd…

If you’ve just invested hundreds (or even thousands) in a camera body and a couple of lenses, doesn’t it make sense to invest just a little bit more to learn how to use it like a pro? If you’re still reading this far in you’ve got to know the answer to that one, so save yourself the frustration and click the buy button now.

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