If you think Social Media Marketing is a waste of time or just way too hard to do properly, then maybe it's time you got a bit Anti-Social...



Date: Thursday, April 03, 2014
From: Matt Brading
RE: Anti-Social Marketing


Dear Fellow Photographer,

If you've been struggling to use Social Media effectively in your business you're in luck.  If you'll take your time to read all the way through this page, I want  to show you how you can achieve more than you ever thought possible, in a fraction of the time...

It's a system we've been using ourselves and teaching photographers for a while now, and it involves more selective approach, combining  automation, syndication and content-curation. The end result is a system that allows anyone to create a professional and productive social media marketing strategy without being stuck at your computer for hours on end.

So if you've been putting off implementing a serious social marketing strategy in your business... maybe you thought it was too hard or too time-consuming, or maybe you're not convinced it would even work... then you've just run out of excuses.

This brand new training package will show you everything you need to know to set up a fully-automated social marketing system for your business... a system that anyone can operate in less than 30 minutes a week.

Sound too good to be true? Read on and I'll reveal the three key steps that make it happen... but first I want to take a moment to consider why so many photographers struggle with this... and why you shouldn't be too hard on yourself up for not having done this already.

The Social Marketing Dilemma...

By now most serious photographers realize social marketing is a powerful way to develop their brand, extend their reach and connect with customers and prospects.

And grow your business... a strong social presence can drive traffic to your website, generating leads and sales 24/7.

And most photographers are starting to understand that their customers expect to be able to connect with them on some level using these platforms.

"But where do I start?"

There's thousands of possible networks out there so how are you supposed to choose the right one for your business? What happens if you pick the wrong one that none of your customers use? Maybe you ought to choose a few to be safe, but then that leads to other questions...

"How long am I meant to spend on this?"

First you have to set them all up but then you're not done... are you really meant to take time-out every day to check your pages and post chit-chat to all these different sites... just in case a potential customers actually turns up and reads it?

The fact is, most professional photographers already spend far too much time chained to their computer... post processing, emails, quotes, accounts & book keeping...  so you have to be asking yourself if  is it really necessary to spend even more time, doing this social marketing?

"And what the heck am I meant to write about?"

Seriously... how are you supposed to keep coming up with new material that's going to interest your readers and not send them packing? That's a tough call even for professional writers... what hope to the rest of us have?

"I know it's important but it just all too hard!"

It's small wonder that so many photographers push Social Media off into the too-hard basket... something they'll have to get back to 'eventually' because right now, it all looks too hard and too time consuming.

Well That's Where I Was Too... Not That Long Ago...

If any of those same questions have been troubling you, then  I've got to tell you, I know exactly how you feel. I was feeling the same frustration...

I was spending massive amounts of time on dozens of  social networks, constantly trying to pump out new content and create connections with our customers... but I was never really sure which parts were working and which were just a waste of time.

So I just kept doing more of everything... just in case.

Something had to give though, so eventually I got hold of some decent analytics data and took a long hard look at our complete social marketing process.

It was definitely working but it was one complicated mess...

  • We were using dozens of social networks to promote our Stock Library websites and our specialty photography sites.
  • We were publishing new content to most of them, but it was all a bit haphazard... some we'd do manually, some we had automated, but often some sites would miss out while others got multiple copies.
  • We were building a following on most of these sites, but our efforts were inconsistent, so many of our connections tended not to last.

We were definitely doing somethings right though...

  • For the most part we were always responsive and helpful in all our communications with our followers
  • For the most part, we were publishing high-quality content that our readers found useful and engaging.
  • Where we were focused and consistent in our efforts... we had substantial, loyal followings.
  • And those sites were generating serious visitor traffic, leads and sales!

So it was clear we needed to get more organised and then focus our efforts and get a whole lot more consistent and professional in our social marketing activities.

It was clear there were activities generating real returns and benefits for our business, and a whole lot more that were just high-tech time drains... busy-work that would never end... and would never deliver any real value.

So I set about creating a more systematic approach that automated the tedious and repetitive tasks and left me free to focus on the more productive tasks.

It was actually kind of easy... in theory...

There's a heap of automation software and services available online and I'd used a lot of them before. So it didn't take me long to put together a comprehensive social-publishing network that covered most of the networks I wanted to use and was about 95% automated.

It was still incredibly complicated though. It used over a dozen different tools and services, and even a few custom scripts... and at times I still lost track of what was getting posted where...

It was a vast improvement on the original though, so we've been putting it to good use for a number of years now.

What  I really wanted though, was a system I could share with other photographers.

You see I'd been pushing photographers for years to get more active 'socially' and to put these tools to better use, but they were all facing the same problems I had.

And while my 'solution' worked well on the enterprise level for our company, it was far to complicated and too expensive to be much use to a lone photographer.

But then over the last 12 months things really started to change...

I've discovered some new tools and I've been able to make a number of improvements , which have turned my Social Marketing  system from a  syndication maze to a simple & powerful  Social Publishing Machine.

These break-throughs have allowed me to strip the system back to a few key components that anyone can set up and connect in a could of hours, and achieve the exact same results that I've getting... with even less effort!

I've called it Anti-Social Marketing to make a point, and the reality is, this new approach creates a system where you can be  'Selectively Social'.

You can totally ignore everything you don't want to waste time on and just do the stuff that makes you money!

I'm going to show you how you can devote a small amount of social marketing time and effort  on just a few key tasks... the ones that actually get you results... and you can let everything else run on auto-pilot!

There's just three components that even a complete newbie can  set up from scratch in just a couple of hours...

Your Personal Social Network...
We start by setting you up with basic profiles on 6 of the most valuable  social media networks that work best for our purposes. You might have some of these already, in which case we'll show you a few tricks for tweaking them to meet our requirements.
Your Primary Publishing Platform...
We then set you up with a single place to publish all your content and a  separate content curation tool. These two provide you with all the fresh,  relevant content for your network, with just 10 minutes on each, once a week.
Your Automation Tools...
We then feed your fresh new content directly to a couple of free syndication tools, where it's automatically re-posted to your entire Personal Social Network.

Once you set this up, you can create and publish new content to your entire network within minutes. And our four content creation systems mean you'll always have an endless supply of content ready to go.

And if you've been paying attention... you'll have noticed that you've even got 10 minutes to spare. That's OK though, we'll use that for the most important task of all... but I'll come back to that in a minute.

The Anti-Social Marketing System


  • Module #1. Your Primary Publishing Platform First we'll get you set up with an easy-to-use publishing platform, which will give you one place for all your content publishing. Some people will have this sorted already, but if not, we've got some excellent free options that you can set up in 30 minutes or less.
  • Module #2. Your Personal Social Network Next we'll guide you through setting up the six social accounts we'll be using for the various marketing roles. If you're brand new we'll show you just the essentials and skip all the fluff. And even if you have some of these set up already, you'll still discover some valuable tips that most users miss.
  • Module #3. Your Automation Tools You've got a choice of tools here and we'll explain the pros and cons of each so you can choose the best option for your situation. This is then quite easy to complete and even total newbies are usually surprised how simple this part is... once you know what's required.
  • Module #4. Your Content Creation Machine Coming up with fresh new content every week can seem like a daunting task, but we've got four powerful content creation systems for you that will make it quick-and-easy... even for the non-writers. In fact, some of these will literally write themselves!
  • Module #5. Launching Your Social Campaign A little extra effort at the start can make a massive difference to your long-term results, so this is optional, but highly recommended. We'll show you exactly how to make the search engines sit up and take notice, then we'll give you a few simple strategies to leverage all your existing connections and generate powerful and lasting momentum.

Access this valuable training now!


This Is Concentrated Training Designed To Get Fast Results!

Anti-Social Marketing is all about making sure you don't waste time on anything that's not entirely necessary... so we've really stripped this back to the absolute bare-essentials. We'll show you exactly how to get your personal social publishing machine up and running in the shortest time possible.

Each training module focuses on getting the job done with only the most basic details of why we do it this way. We have provided additional resources for every step of the way, in case you need them, but for the most part, we're working on the assumption you want a system that works and you want it set up quick... so that's what you get.

There's no fluff, no distractions... just a step-by-step process to set you up with a professional, automated social marketing machine that you can run with just 30 minutes a week.

Social Marketing Is Only Going To Get More
Important, So Let's Do It Once & Do It Right!

I've been helping photographers sell their work online for a long time now, and while my own photography has taken a backseat to our stock libraries,  I feel a real empathy for how the business has changed for them.

For all the promise of the digital age, most photographers are spending more time than ever desk-bound. Photography has become an online business and Social Marketing is an essential part of it... whether you realise it or not!

No matter where you are with Social Marketing right now, sooner or later you will have to get serious about it.

That's where I can help. That's why I put this package together.To save you the learning curve.

To save you time setting it all up.

And to show you how to do most of it on autopilot.

You see, I learned all this the hard way, but you don't have to.

I've developed a simple system that works a treat and is easy to replicate. A system that you can implement for yourself today with just one hour's training!

And by the time you're done, you'll have all you need to create and manage a professional social marketing strategy, that will serve you well, and save you hours and hours of time every month, for many years to come.

And it gets even better...

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I want you to focus on completing this training and implementing your own Social Marketing strategy, so I'm offering you a month to put this to the test with zero-risk.

I realise some people will be worried this might be too technical and hard to follow, so I'm going to take on all the risk and give you 30 full days to watch the videos, follow the set up guide and create your own automated social marketing system.

If you any reason at all, you decide it isn't right for you, just send me an email and I'll refund your payment in full, no questions asked.  The risk is all on me so you can get started with total confidence!


Order Today & Lock-In These Special Bonuses...

This is a brand new package and we're looking some testimonials for this page... so we've got a special pre-launch price on offer just until we get a few comments back. That won't take long and the price will be going up without notice the minute they're in.

We've also got a couple of great extras we're throwing in, to make sure you've got everything you need to put this training to work in the shortest possible time. Check out these great bonuses...

Presentation Handout
You'll get a printable booklet of all the content used in the videos, so you can follow along and make a note of the special tips and shortcuts.
Network Creation Checklist
We've also put together a simple checklist of all the required tasks, with direct links embedded to each of the sites and services we'll be using. There's also a couple of flowcharts you can use as a starting point to design your own network.
Download Files
While we've got everything laid out in an easy-to-follow Members Area, you also get a single video download and the complete audio file, so you can watch or listen offline as required.
Complete Transcript
And just so there's no confusion, you also get the complete transcript of the presentation to you can follow along and check anything that mightn't be totally clear in the recordings.
Pre-Written Posts
To get you started on the right track, we're including a handy selection of fill-in-the-blanks posts you can use to set up your network and start posting original content fast.
22 Blog Post Ideas
Never be stuck for ideas with these 22 blog post templates. These show you how to keep coming up with interesting and engaging posts that will keep your readers coming back for more!


So What's A Fully-Automated Professional Social Marketing Machine Going To Be Worth To Your Business?

I hope by now I've made this easy for you. I hope you can see the time you'll save, and also the valuable connections, exposure, branding, traffic, leads and sales you're going to generate... once you start using your personal Social Marketing Machine.

Just in case you're not convinced though, I'm going to make it a no-brainer.

We originally planned to release this Anti-Social Marketing system as a $297 live-webinar... but the feedback from our beta-testers was so good, we decided we had to make it more widely available.

So you won't pay anywhere near that much today.

We decided instead to keep it super-affordable for any serious photographer, so our standard pricing is going to be $97 for life-time access to the Members Area.

This is a genuine bargain when you consider the new business you'll generate and how much time you'll save every single week from now on.

It Get's Even Better Though...

We're just getting started and we want some Testimonials to use on this page so we're slashing that even further for a very limited time...

So if you act NOW, you can lock-in lifetime access to this amazing package at half-price... $297 $97 just $47.50!

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Yes Matt! I want to access this amazing training today so I can start building my own automated Social Marketing Machine right now!

  • I UNDERSTAND the Anti-Social Marketing training package will teach me everything I need to know to create a powerful Personal Social Network that I can operate in just 30 minutes a week.
  • I UNDERSTAND that the Anti-Social Marketing training package comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you any reason at all I'm not happy with my purchase I can just email you for a prompt refund.


OK, thanks for sticking with me 'til the end. There's quite a bit of information here, but I hope you can see how this training package strips it all down to a few essential components you need to create a powerful, automated social publishing machine.

And more importantly, I hope you can see how you'll be able to use all the time you save to focus on the most productive social marketing tasks, those that let you develop meaningful connections with your customers and prospects, and really grow your business.

So don't put it off any longer... click that button and get started today.



Matt Brading

P.S. There really is nothing more to read down here... You've seen the package and you know you could be using Social Media more effectively... and you know this is training can show you how... so grab your copy now before the pre-launch price discount ends!

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